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Religion in Tonga

Everyday life is heavily influenced by Polynesian traditions and especially by the Christian faith; for example, all commerce and entertainment activities cease from midnight Saturday until midnight Sunday, and the constitution declares the Sabbath to be sacred, forever. As of 2006 a clear plurality of Tongans adhered to the Methodist tradition with a Catholic minority and a number of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The official figures from the latest government census of 2006 show that the four major church affiliations in the kingdom stood as follows:

  • Free Wesleyans (Methodists) (38,052 or 37%)
  • LDS Church (Mormons) (17,109 or 17%) R
  • oman Catholics (15,992 or 16%)
  • Free Church of Tonga (11,599 or 11%)

If you have the fortune to stay at our hotel on a Sunday don't miss the occasion to participate at one of the local church functions. It will definitely be a unique experience.

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