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Language in Tonga

The Tongan language is the official language of the islands, along with English (which is spoken by most of the staff of each hotel and in the main centers). Tongan is a Polynesian language which is closely related to Wallisian (Uvean), Niuean, Hawaiian, and Samoan.

Here some words that will surely be helpful during your next stay at the Waterfront Cafe' & Lodge:

English Tongan
Yes ‘Io
No ‘ikai
Thank you malo
Thank you very much malo ‘aupito
No, thank you ‘ikai, malo pe
Hi. (Informal) Malo e lelei.
Hello (Formal) Malo ‘etau lava.
How are you? Fefe hake? (Idiomatic)
Fine, thank you. Sai pe, malo.
How about you? Fefe koe?
Very Good. Sai ‘aupito.
Excuse me (said when passing in front of someone) tulou
Please kataki
Sorry fakamolemole
Please, help me kataki, tokoni mai
What is the Tongan word for _____? Ko e ha e lea faka-Tonga ki he ____?
I am here. (An appropriate response when someone calls your name) Ko au.
What’s that? Ko e ha e?
Sorry, what is it? (say it again) Fakamolemole, ko e ha koa?
Where is the toilet? Ko fe e falemalolo?
I have a question. ‘Oku ‘i ai ki’i fehu’i.
I am tired. ‘Oku ou hela’ia.
I am (name). Ko (name) au.
Sorry, I don’t understand. Fakamolemole, ‘ikai mahino.
Let’s begin. Tau kamata.
Time to rest. Taimi malolo
Do you know how to speak English? Ke poto he lea faka-palangi?
I speak a littleTongan. ‘Oku ou lea faka-Tonga si’isi’i pe.
An expression of grief, excitement or concern ‘Oiaue!
Don’t. ‘Oua
It’s ok/ Never mind. Sai pe ia.
Just joking Fakakata pe
Just wandering around ‘Eva pe.
Of course. Ka ko toe ha.
Really? Mo’oni?
Good-bye - (said to someone who is going, when you are staying, informal) ‘Alu a.
Good-bye - (said to someone who is staying, when you are going, informal) Nofo a.
See you later. (informal) Toki sio.
Bye (good bye to a person using his/her name). Lose e.
Good bye - (said to someone who is going, when you are staying, very formal) Faka’au a
Yes, is the common response to all the farewells above. ‘Io! but pronounced like this “’Ioooooo”


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